Variable numerical value in editbox (gui).

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Roei O
Roei O on 29 Jan 2016
Answered: Ingrid on 29 Jan 2016
Hi everybody! , I'm building a GUI and i have had to build my own function to calculate min/max values and compare it to the one matlab has to offer(peakdet). I'm using tic/toc to make the comparison (their numerical values are stored in a variable, calling it a and b for the example). I would like to display those variables value in an editbox in my gui. Could you please advise on how to do that? a link to a code or something like that will be much appreciated! Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Ingrid on 29 Jan 2016
If you only want to update the values through this function I would advise against the use of an editbox as this might cause you to accidentally change the value yourself. You could just use a textbox and use it's handle to set the string value of this textbox after you have calculated it
so in your callback function add:

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