Why the error in kmeans too many argument

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debasmita bhoumik
debasmita bhoumik on 1 Feb 2016
Commented: khitem amiri on 2 Aug 2017
i want to segment using k means
i am getting the error
Error using kmeans
Too many input arguments.
Error in seg (line 21)
[cluster_idx, cluster_center] = kmeans(ab,nColors,'distance','sqEuclidean','Replicates',3);
this is my code
he = imread('soil1.jpe');
imshow(he), title('H&E image');
'Image courtesy of Alan Partin, Johns Hopkins University', ...
cform = makecform('srgb2lab');
lab_he = applycform(he,cform);
ab = double(lab_he(:,:,2:3));
nrows = size(ab,1);
ncols = size(ab,2);
ab = reshape(ab,nrows*ncols,2);
nColors = 3;
% repeat the clustering 3 times to avoid local minima
[cluster_idx, cluster_center] = kmeans(ab,nColors,'distance','sqEuclidean','Replicates',3);
pixel_labels = reshape(cluster_idx,nrows,ncols);
imshow(pixel_labels,[]), title('image labeled by cluster index');
segmented_images = cell(1,3);
rgb_label = repmat(pixel_labels,[1 1 3]);
for k = 1:nColors
color = he;
color(rgb_label ~= k) = 0;
segmented_images{k} = color;
imshow(segmented_images{1}), title('objects in cluster 1');
imshow(segmented_images{2}), title('objects in cluster 2');
imshow(segmented_images{3}), title('objects in cluster 3');
mean_cluster_value = mean(cluster_center,2);
[tmp, idx] = sort(mean_cluster_value);
blue_cluster_num = idx(1);
L = lab_he(:,:,1);
blue_idx = find(pixel_labels == blue_cluster_num);
L_blue = L(blue_idx);
is_light_blue = im2bw(L_blue,graythresh(L_blue));
nuclei_labels = repmat(uint8(0),[nrows ncols]);
nuclei_labels(blue_idx(is_light_blue==false)) = 1;
nuclei_labels = repmat(nuclei_labels,[1 1 3]);
blue_nuclei = he;
blue_nuclei(nuclei_labels ~= 1) = 0;
imshow(blue_nuclei), title('blue nuclei');
khitem amiri
khitem amiri on 2 Aug 2017
Hi, i had the same problem, and after executing "which kmeans" I got a path to a kmeans file that I downloaded and not the one implemented in the statistics toolbox. I just removed the downloaded file and it works without problem. Hope this will help

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