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Incomplete time series, how to fill in NaN in data column?

Latest activity Commented on by Ingrid
on 1 Feb 2016
I have a time series consisting of date, time, longitude and latitude. Due to errors there are gaps in my date/time but the data just continue at the next date when a position is registered. What I want is to get a complete time serie (for a year) with NaN values in Long and Lat columns when a position is missing. The data is registerede (when no errors) every three hours, so I have constructed a Date/Time vector using datenum, with values every three hours, so 2920 values (8*365) for a whole year. Now I want to put in NaN in my Long and Lat on the times that matches the errors - how can I do that? I have looked at similar questions in here, but they all seem to be a bit different or just wanting to fill in NaN in the time column.
Here is a couple of lines from my data:
Date, Time, Lat, Long, Voltage(V)
So what i want is to fill in the dates from 02-01-2014 to 02-23-2014 with date and time (I have done that) and then fill in NaN in the Long and Lat columns.
Would be gratefull for help...


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1 Answer

Answer by Ingrid
on 1 Feb 2016
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you could just first create a NaN matrix and then fill in your original values at the dates that you have them available
newData = nan(length(timeVector),2);
[~,Ia,Ib] = intersect(round(originalData(:,1:2)*100),round(timeVector*100));
newData(Ib,:) = originalData(Ia,3:4);


Thank you so much, it works, pretty simple, but i'm relatively new in Matlab.. Thanks....
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