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Yang on 5 Feb 2016
Hi all,
I have a struct. I want to display the content of this struct as a table. So I use the following transformation.
aTable = struct2table(aStruct);
We can see the value of modifiedTime is not correct. I hope to display it as a value, not as an array. Can you tell me how I can do it?
aStruct =
LocalName: {'example.cdf'}
Size: '1 KB'
ModifiedTime: '10-May-2010 21:35:00'
LocalName Size ModifiedTime
_____________ ____ ____________
'example.cdf' 1 KB [1x20 char]
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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 5 Feb 2016
I'm not sure why the display ends up looking like that, but for what it's worth, it displayed ModifiedTime correctly when I added additional entries (e.g. S(2).LocalName = 'test',...).

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Accepted Answer

Steve Eddins
Steve Eddins on 5 Feb 2016
Convert the string containing the date and time into a datetime value, and then it will display better in the table.
aStruct.LocalName = {'example.cdf'};
aStruct.Size = '1 KB';
aStruct.ModifiedTime = '10-May-2010 21:35:00';
aTable = struct2table(aStruct);
aTable.ModifiedTime = datetime(aTable.ModifiedTime)
aTable =
LocalName Size ModifiedTime
_____________ ____ ____________________
'example.cdf' 1 KB 10-May-2010 21:35:00

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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache on 30 Apr 2018
Using struct2table with the 'AsArray' true option produces the desired behavior:
T = struct2table(S, 'AsArray', true);


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