Parametrize return arguments in fprintf

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Dear all,
I have a line of code which outputs a string to a file:
fprintf(fid, '\r\nSomething\r\n')
I would like to echo this string to the command window, which I achieve with the following:
fprintf(1.0, '\nSomething\n')
However, I don't want to have to write the same fprintf statement twice, so I tried this:
location = [fid, 1.0];
conversion = {'\r\n', '\n'};
for i = 1:2
fprintf(location(i), '%sSomething%s', conversion{i}, conversion{i})
The problem is that I see the following in the command window:
Instead of:
How can I format the string so that '\n' is recognised as a return, rather than a plain string?
Many thanks,
Louis Vallance

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 14 Feb 2016
You’re passing the control sequences as strings. You need to concatenate them instead.
This works:
fprintf(location(i), [conversion{i} 'Something' conversion{i}])
Louis Vallance
Louis Vallance on 15 Feb 2016
Fair point, but I have over 300 of these statements so this solution is much more practical, especially if I want to change any of the strings later. It's also not difficult to understand provided the code is well-commented.

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