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can you run matlab experiments online

Asked by Catrine Jacobsen on 15 Feb 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Catrine Jacobsen on 22 Feb 2016
Hi, Is it possible to run a MATLAB designed experiment online? I am planning on running an experiment online, and right now I would use MATLAB to program this, but I am not sure that is even possible to run online? is there a package that allows this to be run via M-turk or such? Kind regards, Catrine


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1 Answer

Answer by Arnab Sen
on 22 Feb 2016

Hi Catrine,
My understanding from the question is that you would like to execute existing MATLAB program online. You can login to MATLAB online from the following link:
You can refer to the following link to synchronize MATLAB files between your computer and MATLAB online.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Do you know if it is possible to execute this via M-turk? Best, Catrine

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