matlab 2016a figure window incorrect position and size

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After installing 2016a, I noticed when creating new figure, the top part of the figure is little off the top screen/monitor edge. The menu bar is not showing, due to wrong position
I have to shake the window with the mouse a little to be able to see the top banner of the window (where the word "figure" is) and then drag the window down and resize it to make it little smaller so I can see the full figure window.
Is someone else having this problem also?
I simply do
The figure window also is physically much larger than it shows with Matlab 2015a on same PC. It seems to be almost twice as large.
This is Matlab 2016a on windows 7, 64 bit.
Is there a way to correct this? It is very annoying having to adjust the figure window each time.

Accepted Answer

Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 31 Mar 2017
If the problem still exists, just add this line to the startup.m in your startup directory or your userpath.
set(0,'defaultfigureposition',[100 100 100 100])
just enter the position vector you like. This sets the default position when you start matlab, enter it in the command window to change it only for the current session.

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