drawing subsurface geological layers

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Dear Mr./Mrs.
Please be informed that, I am a beginner in Mat lab and I need your help urgently..I have a data for an earth surface (sea level measured) at point locations x1, x2, x3,...and depth values for different subsurface layers z1, z2, z3,...and I need a Mat lab code for plotting (x1, z1), (x1, z2), (x1, z3),..., (x2, z1,), (x1, z2), (x1,z3), ...,(x3, z1,), (x3, z2), (x3, z3),....so on
I need to draw a subsurface layered model by using the loop statement...please send me the answer in mail moustafa_dahab@yahoo.com
Best Regards; Moustafa Dahab

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Moustafa Abedel Fattah
Moustafa Abedel Fattah on 29 Apr 2016

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