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plotting 2 points

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Aaditya on 27 Jan 2012
Edited: Image Analyst on 2 Oct 2013
hey all !!! Can anyone please tell me the ways to plot points on the edge/boundary of an object from a segmented image.
i need to do further process with the result.

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David Young
David Young on 27 Jan 2012
If you have the Image Processing Toolbox, have a look at the edge() function. The associated demos will give you examples that you can adapt to your problem.
David Young
David Young on 7 Feb 2012
Plotting is a graphical operation, but making measurements of chords is not. It's hard to understand what your goal is.
All the same, the output of the edge function would still seem a good place to start. What is wrong with it? Have you looked at the demos?
Here's a simple example of plotting the edge points, to get you started:
>> imshow(im);
>> e = edge(im, 'canny');
>> [y, x] = find(e);
>> imshow(im);
>> hold on; plot(x, y, '.'); hold off;

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