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priyanka revankar
priyanka revankar on 27 Jan 2012
Answered: Mohammed Megrous on 22 Sep 2021
, Now I have one parity check matrix H of one LDPC (low density parity check) code, and I want to use the command l = fec.ldpcenc(H) to obtain the corresponding generator matrix. However, when I run the program, the command window shows the error message "the last (N-K) columns of the parity-check matrix must be invertible in GF(2)." Can you tell me how to transform my parity check matrix into a proper one in a quickly way?
Thank you!
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Khushboo Singh
Khushboo Singh on 27 Dec 2012
use this may be this can help u..
H = dvbs2ldpc(2/3);
l = fec.ldpcenc(H);
codeword = encode(l,I);

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