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alarm for finishing running of a program

Asked by som
on 27 Jan 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Philipp Schneider on 2 Jul 2019
Hi all
I've written a program and it's so time-consuming. I want to write a command for the programe that alarm me the program runnning has been finished.
How can I do it?

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I am currently working on a fire detection project after detecting fire it sends mail but my video player or webcam stop working.Please, can anybody know how to solve this problem?

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Answer by John D'Errico
on 2 Mar 2015
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Way too late for an answer here, but my solution for really long running codes was to add this to the end of my long running codes.
load handel


on 11 Nov 2017
So cool! Where can I see the list of possible sounds?
There are infinitely many possible sounds. A few that have been provided in MATLAB by default are listed by:
>> help audiovideo
Audio and Video support.
Audio input/output objects.
audioplayer - Audio player object.
audiorecorder - Audio recorder object.
Audio hardware drivers.
sound - Play vector as sound.
soundsc - Autoscale and play vector as sound.
Audio file import and export.
audioread - Read audio samples from an audio file.
audiowrite - Write audio samples to an audio file.
audioinfo - Return information about an audio file.
Video file import/export.
VideoReader - Read video frames from a video file.
VideoWriter - Write video frames to a video file.
mmfileinfo - Return information for a multimedia file.
lin2mu - Convert linear signal to mu-law encoding.
mu2lin - Convert mu-law encoding to linear signal.
Example audio data (MAT files).
chirp - Frequency sweeps (1.6 sec, 8192 Hz)
gong - Gong (5.1 sec, 8192 Hz)
handel - Hallelujah chorus (8.9 sec, 8192 Hz)
laughter - Laughter from a crowd (6.4 sec, 8192 Hz)
splat - Chirp followed by a splat (1.2 sec, 8192 Hz)
train - Train whistle (1.5 sec, 8192 Hz)
So train contains a train whistle.
You could create your own sound from your own favorite choice. Perhaps the sound of a foghorn you might find posted on the internet.
If you want to avoid loading files:
will give you a plain sinus sound.

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Answer by Dr. Seis
on 28 Jan 2012

A simple way I use to get notified that processing had finished was to add a "beep" to the end of the program (I was usually in the other room watching TV, so it worked for me). Just bear in mind that the beep will either mean your code has finished =) or your code stopped with an error =(.
At the command line, type:
If you do not hear a sound, type:
beep on
Then test to see if beep works by typing "beep" one more time. If that doesn't work, then make sure your speakers are on loud enough that you can hear it.


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on 30 Jan 2012
thanks for your help. I wrote 'beep on' and also set speakers on high volume, but I didn't hear any voice. my program is as followed:
clc; clear;
T=3 ; M=5 ;
for t=1:T
for i=1:M
for j=1:M
beep on
What can I do??
"beep on" simply turns on the beep functionality (if it was off). Just in case you have beep turned off elsewhere, your last line should be:
beep on; beep;

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Answer by Rutika Titre on 29 Oct 2015

can anyone help to to get a sound of beep after detecting my face in camera. I have extracted all features my features are recognized I just want a beep sound as the face is detected how can i do that...plz any kind of help will be appreaciated...Thank you


Thank You Sir.I got its solution. I had taken .wav file and I got the beep sound. Thank you Sir for your help.

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Answer by Jason Ross
on 27 Jan 2012
Edited by John Kelly on 2 Mar 2015

You could create a function that plays the audio and call it at the end
Or you could have it send you an email at the end of processing:
If you search in the File Exchange for "Alarm" there are other implementations that throw up dialogs, etc.


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