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Arielle on 30 Jan 2012
I'm trying to plot a curve to fit a given set of population data. I am told to follow the format
P(t) = exp(a*(t - t_0)^2 + b*(t - t_0) + c*(t - t_0))
using built-in Matlab tools. I have found the basic fitting GUI offered under the figure tool bar, but nothing is of help there. Any helpful functions that anyone might want to suggest?

Accepted Answer

Frederic Moisy
Frederic Moisy on 30 Jan 2012
This is easy with the Ezyfit toolbox:
Plot your data, and type showfit('P(t) = exp(a*(t - t_0)^2 + b*(t - t_0) + c*(t - t_0))')
See the doc to specify starting values for the parameters a b c and t0.
I hope this helps, F. Moisy

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 30 Jan 2012
As the name basic fitting suggests, it is basic. Please consider using the Curve Fitting Toolbox of your university license or maybe the Optimization Toolbox.
The Curve Fitting Toolbox allows customer equations.

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