timer inside parfor inside mex function

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Rudi Schuech
Rudi Schuech on 24 Mar 2016
Answered: Raghu Boggavarapu on 26 Nov 2021
Is there any way to time some code that is inside a parfor that is inside a function I'm trying to convert to mex via the Coder Toolbox?
function [outputs] = to_be_mexed(inputs)
parfor i = 1:100
tic and toc are not supported for code generation (same for clock and seemingly all other built-ins for timing), and, if I use coder.extrinsic, that ordinarily works, but apparently is not allowed within a parfor inside a mex function. Any way to time stuff here? Can be very crude, +/- a few seconds would be more than fine.

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Raghu Boggavarapu
Raghu Boggavarapu on 26 Nov 2021
As of R2021b MATLAB Coder supports tic/toc for code generation.

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