MatlabR2015b connected with ccs6

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lei zhang
lei zhang on 1 Apr 2016
Answered: Brian McKay on 5 Apr 2016
Dear all, can I use the matlabR2015b connected with ccs6? what the configuration I need to do for the "xmakefile"

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Jeevan Joishi
Jeevan Joishi on 5 Apr 2016
The equivalent of 'xmakefile' is now 'targetupdater'. Please find more inforation on targetupdater on the following link -
The above link will only work if the support packages are installed correctly. If that is not the case, you can refer to the instructions given in the link below -

Brian McKay
Brian McKay on 5 Apr 2016
Yes, you can. You can use this workflow with any TI Device that works with CCSv6, not just C2000. The C2000 Support Package will provide Simulink blocks and other features for TI C2000 devices.
Installing and configuring the C2000 support package via targetupdater or Add-On Explorer is NOT the same thing as configuring xmakefile. Targetupdater workflow works only for TI C2000.
If you want to use CCSv6 with xmakefilesetup, the workaround is to select the CCSv5 toolchain in the xmakefilesetup and select the CCSv6 paths when prompted for CCS paths.
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