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Configure and intialize the external memory with TMS320F28377D using Matlab Embedded coder

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I am doing FFT and other signal processing of many signals in DSP. So, i am in need of substantial RAM > 1 MB. I went through a code in control suite "ti\controlSUITE\device_support\F2837xD\v180\F2837xD_examples_Cpu1\emif1_32bit_sdram\". Basically the code configures a SDRAM with F28377D. I have the appropriate hardware (TMS320F28377d + AS4C4M32S) which could run the code given in control suite. However, as i use Matlab to do several signal processing technique i would like to use the embedded coder to program TMS320F28377d. Basically i want to map the .ebss section of the code to external memory at EMIF1. The F2837xD_Emif.c code given in control suite does F2837xD EMIF Initialization & Support Functions. But, i don't know how to include that c file in Matlab Simulink and build the model. Any advise to achieve what i am looking for ?

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay on 7 Apr 2016
We do not support the external memory interface for F28377D processor out of the box. But you can use custom code techniques provided via Embedded Coder
You may wish to contact MathWorks customer support for additional assistance.


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