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How to detect laptop's integrated webcam for real time processing with simulink

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Daniel García
Daniel García on 6 Apr 2016
Commented: Zeeshan Ahmed on 8 Mar 2018
I'm having problems with the Simulink Real Time toolbox for real time image acquisition. The problem is that the From USB Video Device block doesn't detect the integrated camera of my laptop. There is another block, USB Device List, for configuring the aquisition device. This block doesn't detect the camera, neither.
What confuses me is that the Image Acquisition toolbox has another From Video Device which works fine with the integrated webcam, but for a short period of time, and what I really need is real time image acquisition.
Does anyone know how to work with the integrated camera and the real time toolbox in simulink?
Thanks in advance.

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Omar Crypps
Omar Crypps on 10 Jan 2017
I recently did the real time acquisition video in real time simulink, I think that you have to use a USB Webcam ( for example a Logitech) then ass hardware support packages for usb webcam ( OS generic ... , and USB webcam package ) , after that you have to correctly connect your taget computer with your host compter and then use the from USB video device block , USB device List , avec a video Diplay Block, if you use a compatible webcam , it should appear in the USB device list .
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Zeeshan Ahmed
Zeeshan Ahmed on 8 Mar 2018
Sir what if we want to acquire image through simulink Real time on the host computer to perform image processing.Thank you in advance

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