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Stepper Motor control for TI Microcontroller in MATLAB.(F28035)

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Hello all,
Does anyone have any expertise or knowledge of how to control a stepper motor using a MATLAB .m script command? My other question is how would one connect to the MCU without using Simulink embedded coder, to just simply run a m file command.
My goal: is to move the stepper motor a certain steps, at a certain time.
Hardware I have : A Drv8412-C2-kit, it has a motor board, and the Control-card contains a C2000 F28035 Piccolo.
As mentioned above, if anyone is an expert in MATLAB and motor control using TI MCU, please reply with a way to contact you back.

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay on 14 Apr 2016
There is a Support Package for TI C2000 MCU's. It is free to download, but it requires Embedded Coder.
More info on the MathWorks support for TI C2000 is here:
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M B on 15 Apr 2016
I read through the most files and the only examples I was of an FOC control, which is not what I am looking for. Compared to TI, Adruino support has
Which is exactly something I am looking for, a simple way motor step control. Is there any example showing Stepper motor control done using MATLAB command window?

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