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Display Data From a Matrix or Table with Colour Scale

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Hi everyone, I am still relatively inexperienced with MATLAB so please be patient, hopefully someone can help as I'm a bit desperate.
I am trying to display data from a table in a an easy to view format with a colour scale,
I have created a joint occurrence table showing how often the two variables H and T occur using hiscounts2
hst = histcounts2(H, T, 0:0.5:10, 1:1:12)
this creates the following set of results;
I have 201600 data points and would like to display the table with a colour scale highlighting the most frequently occurring ranges.
I am trying to emulate something similar to this
Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?

Answers (2)

Kuifeng on 16 Apr 2016
doc contourf %it shows filled contour
j atkinson
j atkinson on 16 Apr 2016
thanks for your reply,
thing is I would like to keep values within bins and instead of a contour plot I would like to display more like this;
Kuifeng on 16 Apr 2016
%I see. then this is the function you require,
doc pcolor

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Alex Ryabov
Alex Ryabov on 14 Jun 2022
Edited: Alex Ryabov on 14 Jun 2022
Better use
heatmap(rand(5, 3)); colormap(jet)


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