How to configure to generate DLL from SIMULINK and use the DLL

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I try to generate a dll file based on a Simulink model, which is a multiple input and multiple output model. The generated dll file will be integrated in another Simulink model.
1. How shall I set in Coder Generation Options?I am using ert_shrlib.tlc. For the "Interface", do I need to select "Single output/update function“ and "continuous time". The model contains continuous integrator.
2. How can I integrate the generated dll file into another Simulink model? More specifically, how can call the function to get certain outputs. I tried to use"coder.ceval". Since the outputs of the simulink as Step function arguments are configured as pointers, how can I call the function in matlab?

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Arnab Sen
Arnab Sen on 28 Apr 2016
Hi Dingguo,
1. For model configuration you can have a look into the demo model 'rtwdemo_shrlib'. For this in MATLAB Command Window execute
2. For detail regarding how to create the '.dll' and share that with other models, refer to the following link:


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