connected first and last points

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Hi I have a problem with the connected point. Use the mouse will add points to the picture and I link will successively, but the first and last point discontinuity will help someone? Thanks a lot in advance.
function [xs, ys, n, t] = bod
but = 1;
hold on
x = [ ];
y = [ ];%seznam vybranych bodu
n = 0;
% zobrazeni navodu pro vyber bodu
disp('Levym tlacitkem misi vkladate bod.')
disp('Pravym tlacitkem misi vložite posledni bod.')
but = 1;
while but == 1
[xi,yi,but] = ginput(1); %vlozi novy bod
n = n+1;
x(:,n) = xi;
y(:,n) = yi;
%inetrpolace podle krivky a jemnejsi radkovani
t = 1:n;
ts = 1:0.1:n;
ys = spline(t,y,ts);
xs = spline(t,x,ts);
% Graf interpolované krivky

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Schwabe
Benjamin Schwabe on 6 Feb 2012
Hello Adam,
I am not entirely sure that I understand your problem. You want to have line between the last and the first point, correct? Then you simply might consider changing the plot command to plot([xs,xs(1)],[ys,ys(1)],'r-');
If you have column vetors, this will not work, but the following code will: plot([xs;xs(1)],[ys;ys(1)],'r-');
I hope this solves your problem.
Adam on 8 Feb 2012
Ook sorry wrong question. Once again thank you

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