Meaning of angle wrapping

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Sano T
Sano T on 8 May 2016
Answered: Ced on 8 May 2016
I am looking at documentation for wrapTo2Pi, one of the angle wrapping functions provided by MATLAB. However, I've not been able to immediately find what it precisely mean to "wrap angles".
My interpretation is that, for the case of wrapTo2Pi, the output will always be in the range from 0 to 2pi, and should any angle input not be in that range, multiples of 2pi will be added to or subtracted from the input until it is in the range from 0 to 2pi. This result is then output. Am I right? If a precise definition of "angle wrapping" already exists, please kindly include a link to the page.
Secondly, wrapTo2Pi is apparently designed for geodesy applications. My application is not geodesy or longitudes - just elementary arithmetic calculations. However, wrapTo2Pi seems to fit the bill for what I'm looking for - is there anything I should be aware of or keep in mind if I'm not using this function for longitude inputs?

Answers (1)

Ced on 8 May 2016
function does exactly what you think it does, it takes the angle with modulo 2*pi (with a special case for the boundary). You can actually have a look at the code, just type
There is nothing about this function which would be specific to geodesy applications.

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