C shared library created with Compiler - compatibility between Linux distributions

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I need to deploy to several clients a shared library created with Matlab compiler. They are running the same type of hardware as me, but different Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Gentoo...).
Has somebody tried this before? Are there potential issues with this?
Thanks! Pierre

Accepted Answer

Shaf on 16 Feb 2011
The version of the kernel, glibc(C-runtime library), libstdc++(C++ runtime library), binutils(for ld - the linker loader) can cause issues. The MCR ships the version of libstdc++.so that a compiled library needs in MCRROOT/sys/os/glnx86 or MCRROOT/sys/os/glnxa64. The system requirement page mentions minimum kernel and glibcx version:

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 12 Feb 2011
I wouldn't expect any potential issues with that.


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