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Which are the alternative codes of heaviside() function?

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Which are the alternative codes of heaviside() function?

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GandaBerunda on 16 Jun 2022
Hi Tufan,
Instead of using the heaviside() function, you can define your own function with a simple if elseif ladder. If the parameter is less than 0, you can return 0, at equal to 0, return 0.5 and greater than 0 return 1.
Hope it helps.
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 16 Jun 2022
Sure @Tufan can learn to write a custom function. However, the heaviside() function also uses the if-else conditional statement. If you can write a conditional-free simple code that works similarly as the Heaviside function, then it will benefit the community.
GandaBerunda on 18 Jun 2022
One simple approach without if else which I can think of is:
where out is the result, and x is the input

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