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How to choose the best hypothesis for testing two sample sets of one dimension each without considering distribution

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Shashi on 14 Feb 2012
Edited: Michael on 15 Oct 2013
I have tried run kstest to compare two data sets whose distribution is not known exactly. The data set is single dimension and i tried with kstest2(x1,x2). But it is not giving me the correct results. Kindly let me know the selection criteria for choosing the test measure and what should i implement it?


the cyclist
the cyclist on 14 Feb 2012
You need to provide more details, ideally including your code and a small sample of data. Why do you think the results of kstest2() are incorrect?
Shashi on 17 Feb 2012 was a mistake on my part as i was trying to know the amount by which one value is larger than other. Thanks however for your comment.

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