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where i can find source code of "detectPeopleACF"

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liping feng
liping feng on 27 Jun 2016
Answered: Dan on 4 Oct 2016
I want to knowledge how 'detectPeopleACF'to work. but i can find 'detectPeopleACF' source code in matlab toolbox.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 27 Jun 2016
If detectPeopleACF is an m-file, then you can just use
type detectPeopleACF
at the command line to view the code.
Type is a FAR better choice than using edit. Some will suggest you use edit, but it is too easy to mistakenly change code, typing a character someplace at random without realizing you did that. Then worse, you will accidentally save the file. Yeah, like you would NEVER do that. People do. Then you will have a bug in your code, as the file will no longer run properly.
So use type to view code!
If the code has nothing visible in it when you try that beyond some lines of help, then it is compiled code or a p-file. You CANNOT view compiled code or p-files.

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liping feng
liping feng on 27 Jun 2016
thank you
detectPeopleACF maybe is compiled code .....
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 27 Jun 2016
Please use comments when you want to make a comment. This is not an answer.
You MAY be able to find information about the algorithm in the help and any references provided in the documentation.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 27 Jun 2016
According to its documentation page this function is part of Computer Vision System Toolbox and was introduced in release R2016a. That documentation page also includes some references; if you want to understand what the function is doing, reading those references may be easier than reading the code.

Dan on 4 Oct 2016


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