Error with embedded coder quickstart. Texas Instruments C2000 Support package. F28337S Launchpad.

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I am having trouble generating code and connecting to my F28337S TI launchpad with the simulink embedded coder. I have Matlab 2016a and downloaded the Texas instruments c2000 microcontroller add-on. I created a simulink model to sample ADC into a buffer and after running the embedded coder quick start I get an error message about an inalid scope identifier. Attached is a screenshot of the whole setup. If anyone can help me connect this simple program to run on my board I'd be very grateful.
PS. I have Code Composer Studio v6 installed along with ControlSUITE v3.
Conner Shoop

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay on 1 Jul 2016
Hi Conner,
I'm not sure what the issue is, but it looks odd to me. I would suggest that you contact Tech Support and share your model with them.

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