How can i design a custom double band PIFA in antenna toolbox. I have created a custom patch using PDE toolbox but i have problem in introducing a ground plane.

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I'm designing a double band PIFA. i use PDE toolbox to formulate the patch radiator, and customAntennaMesh and createFeed to form feed point in the patch. now i need to put it on the reflector(ground plane) and introducing short pin, here i'm stack i don't know what should i have to do.

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 12 Jun 2017
Hello Michael,
In the 17a version of Antenna Toolbox, we have introduced a new object called pcbStack. We have also introduced shape primitives for rectangle, circle and polygon. You can pick various shapes and perform Boolean operations on them to specify each layer. You also have the ability to define feed points as well as shorting points between any layer. This functionality will help you generate the double band PIFA.
Please try it out.


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