Simmechanics generation 1 convert to generation 2

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I have a model in Simmechanics generation 1, is there a way to convert it automaticly to Simmechanics generation 2? I have tried simcaps driveline, but it didn't work for me ( I used newmdlname = sdl_update('modelname'); but the new model is the same as old one!)

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Farouk Moukaddem
Farouk Moukaddem on 25 Aug 2016
Hi Hoda,
The only documented way to convert first-generation models and user-defined libraries to second-generation equivalents is by using the "sdl_update" command.
Note that there might be many similarities between both models.
Refer to the following link for more information about the Automatic Conversion:
Best, Farouk
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Hoda sh
Hoda sh on 25 Aug 2016
Dear farouk, Thank you for your answer. However, this command is specificly for "simcaps driveline", as I said it is not working for multibody dynamics :(

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