failed to create PIL blocks

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haibo tan
haibo tan on 14 Aug 2016
Answered: haibo tan on 17 Aug 2016
I failed to create PIL blocks in my model when I follow the examples of(,CCS and Matlab I'm using is CCSv5,Matlab2016a.
It turn out an erro as follow picture apeared.
any ideas on to fix the problems are highly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Brian McKay
Brian McKay on 16 Aug 2016
It looks like you are looking at an older example using idelink_ert, which works with CCS 3.3.

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haibo tan
haibo tan on 17 Aug 2016
Brian McKay,I would like to express my great appreciation to you for answering my questions which took me lots of time to figure it out.
best wishs.


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