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Accelarating image processing algorithm on GPU

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Sehairi K.
Sehairi K. on 23 Aug 2016
Edited: Sehairi K. on 24 Aug 2016
Hi, I want to accelerate my algorithm because I need to run it on hundreds of images,so I tried to use unvectorized GPU code, running the same code on GPU, I have nvidia Geforce GT 650M with 2 GB on my PC, however it was very slow than the CPU version. After searching I am convinced to pass to vectorized GPU code using batch process (pagefun, bsxfun), I tried so much to solve this problem without a solution. can some one help me about this code:
for i=3:n-2
for j=3:m-2
for c=1:Q
if B(i,j,c)~=0
Another question Why Matlab uses just 20% of my CPU? How I can take benefits of my CPU to accelerate my processing
Is Matlab a single threaded app?
Thanks in advance

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