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Compare block does not work!

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ALZ on 24 Aug 2016
Commented: ALZ on 26 Aug 2016
I have a Simulink Model built in Matlab/Simulink 2012 and it works perfectly, however if I run the model in newer Simulink 2015, the compare blocks does not output a continuous signal to the Scope? (I have to set the scope marker but it shows discrete points)
Am using the exact same model (and settings) in both Matlab versions.

Accepted Answer

Farouk Moukaddem
Farouk Moukaddem on 26 Aug 2016
This may be a bug in MATLAB R2015a. Try using a Scope viewer instead of a Scope block to visualize your signal.
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ALZ on 26 Aug 2016
Thank you Farouk, I was able to scope it with the Scope Viewer (Time Scope).

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