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Simulink with Arduino: File May be Corrupt

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I just started with Simulink with the below block diagram.
Here I am using Arduino Mega 2560 trying to light up a LED and the below error shows up.
What can I do with this, this is my first try.

Answers (1)

Farouk Moukaddem
Farouk Moukaddem on 19 Sep 2016
Hi Kerk,
This error message could be due to the following reasons:
1) Writing a matrix with more than 10^8 elements. Mat files of the v4 format have a limit of 10^8 elements for matrices. Instead, try saving these matrices in the v5 format.
2) If you are using a third party tool to generate these files, dimensions of the variables could be specified incorrectly in the binary files.
To workaround this issue, try adding your folder under your SET PATH and typing the path and the fileName when using load or save command.


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