matlab GUI for control serial output

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Duong Le
Duong Le on 25 Feb 2012
Hi, I am making a GUI to control robot by sending serial output. My ideal is write a program that continuous send serial string, and when press a button, one character in that string will change. For example: my output is 'aaaa', when press 'change_first_char_button', my output will change into 'zaaa', and when release that button, the output will return 'aaaa' . The output will depend on what button is pressed.So if press 'change_first_char_button' and 'change_last_char_button', the output will be something like 'zaar' I know it sound simple but, I still cannot figure out how to make it. Thanks.

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Benjamin Schwabe
Benjamin Schwabe on 26 Feb 2012
please have a look at the GUIDE command. It will allow you to set up any GUI. The only thing you have to do afterwards is to set up the CallBack functions for each button you want to have properly.


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