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Feedback re: Using Tall Arrays with Big Data Demo Video

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Gabriel Ha
Gabriel Ha on 29 Sep 2016
Answered: Hector Tejeda on 20 Apr 2018
If you have questions, comments, and/or feedback regarding the Tall Arrays in Action video, or using MATLAB with big data in general, please post them here, and I will respond to you (or find someone to respond =P) as soon as I can!
Best regards, Gabriel
P.S. Heather Gorr has a very similar video located here. This Answers entry is intended for the first video, but feel free to ask away about tall arrays in general =)


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Rick Amos
Rick Amos on 11 Oct 2016
Hi Michel, at this time the only way to add new data to a tall array is to recreate the tall array from a datastore containing both the existing data and new data. You could use the tall array write method to achieve this:
% Suppose at the start you have initial data, write it out as so:
write('MyFolder01', tX1);
% Suppose you have some new data at a later time, write it out like so:
write('MyFolder02', tX2);
% Then to analyse all the data thus far, specify both folders as
% the input to datastore:
tX = tall(datastore({'/my/folder/01', '/my/folder/02'}));
Kind Regards, Rick
mohaideen on 1 Dec 2016
Is there any test sensor data set is available for big data analytics?.
Gabriel Ha
Gabriel Ha on 17 Jan 2017
We may have some coming out with our next release. Be sure to check back when 17a goes out!

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Hector Tejeda
Hector Tejeda on 20 Apr 2018
At the time of performing the calculations I get an error saying that indexing using tall arrays as subscripts for non-tall arrays is not supported.


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