Problem with control of Dynamixel AX-12A by using MatLab

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Grigoriy Yashin
Grigoriy Yashin on 3 Oct 2016
Answered: Alice James on 22 Jul 2019
I plan to work with Dynamixel AX-12A, which is connected to computer (Win64 with Windows 10) by USB2Dynamixel. I use information from Dynamixel SDK Manual ( item 4.6 ) for adding libraries in MatLab R2014a (it's files for DynamixelSDK-3.4.1), but when I run file "read_write.m", I got error:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in
(line 497)
%unix machines return c and cpp
compilers here
Error in loadlibrary (line 253)
Error in read_write (line 60)
[notfound, warnings] =
'dynamixel_sdk.h', 'addheader',
'port_handler.h', 'addheader',
Also I tried to add library as it's written in ROBOTIS e-Manual v1.24.00 , but I have simular error. Could you help me with this problem?

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Michael C.
Michael C. on 3 Oct 2016
I believe I ran into the same type of problem while trying to communicate with some Dynamixel servos. My solution was just to create a serial port object and then build up my own library around that since the Dynamixel communication is fairly straightforward and well documented. This is the start of it.
serialPort = serial('COM3','BaudRate',1000000,'Parity','none','DataBits',8,'StopBits',1,'Timeout',1);
I think this is the document I originally started with for building my code (see page 9)
I might try and pretty up and document some of my code and put it on the file exchange.
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Grigoriy Yashin
Grigoriy Yashin on 14 Oct 2016
Thank you, but I found other solution. It was problem with compiler, which I solved by installing Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013. On some reason I couldn't use Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Maybe you know how can I connect Dynamixel to MatLab by using special Arduino (Arduino with libraries for Dynamixel motors)?

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Alice James
Alice James on 22 Jul 2019
How did you get it to work with visual studio?

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