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Training neural network for facial expression classification

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remo on 28 Feb 2012
Commented: pooja rani on 20 Mar 2019
Hi all,
I have 15 images of happy face,15 image of sad face and 15 image of angry faces.
My problem is i do not know how to train neural network using all this images. I have separate 50 images for testing purposes.
So,how do i train neural network using output from PCA of each image?
PLZ do guide me since my supervisor is pressuring me lately..


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Accepted Answer

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 17 May 2012
Use the vectorization operator, : , to convert each processed image to a column vector. The corresponding target vector is a column of eye(3). Once you have the input and target matrices with 45 columns each, use PATTERNNET
help patternnet
doc patternnet
Hope this helps.


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vaibhav on 16 May 2012
Are you doing that using PCA??


remo on 18 May 2012
Hi Vaibhav,
i have dropped PCA and adopted LBP for this project
pooja rani
pooja rani on 20 Mar 2019
Hi Remo,
can u share code of training NN classifier with LBP features .

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