How to view Matlab standalone application errors?

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Hello all,
I have created a standalone application that runs perfectly when executed through Matlab. The GUI is configured to take a set of inputs, then pass those into a script (which also has other functions within) by pressing a pushbutton. When this button is depressed it displays "Running" until the script has finished and has generated a few plots/saved an Excel spreadsheet.
When packaged into the standalone application, the GUI comes up and allows me to select my inputs. However, when I hit the pushbutton to run, it changes to "Running" and then sits there indefinitely--it doesn't seem anything is happening. I am running on Mac and have opened terminal, but I don't see any errors.
Is there another way to view errors or does anyone know what might be the issue? This is my first attempt at a standalone app, so I'm stuck. A few things I feel could be causing an issue are using the image processing toolbox, generating/saving figure windows, and saving an excel spreadsheet...but I really have no way of troubleshooting without errors.
Sorry for the long post, and thank you.
Nabin Prajapati
Nabin Prajapati on 18 Jan 2021
im haviing same problem right now :(.. how did you deal with it.. any suggesstion or Tipps..
thanks in advance

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Johannes Korsawe
Johannes Korsawe on 14 Oct 2016
Some thoughts:
- use the MATLAB var "isdeployed" to insert some debug infos for deployed applications that do not bother you if running from command line.
- start the executable explicitly from a shell. I am not experienced with Mac, but there should be something similar. Type in the name of the executable from the shell, and there should be some messages there, if the code runs into problems.
- once i had a problem on Windows similar to yours. The following happened: I compiled on ComputerA and tested the executable on ComputerB. On ComputerB, the runtime libraries were different than on ComputerA. On ComputerA, everything looked fine, on ComputerB, it stuck. BUT, running my program interactively (from Matlab command-line) on ComputerB, i got some error message like "The specified module could not be found" that came from a mex-file i had linked in (this gave me the hint with the differing runtimes). So i have evidence, that in this case (library problem) at least on Windows, it is the same behaviour as you observed, but on different computers with different runtime environments. Perhaps this can help you to find the error.

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