Simulink problem- voltage increase

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slasherzz22 on 2 Mar 2012
how to make voltage increase in certain amount of time in simulink..for example, i set my rated voltage =220 V.. for 1.6 sec, i want the rated voltage become 220/sqrt(3).. help please..i want to make wye delta starting for my induction motor..
slasherzz22 on 2 Mar 2012
emm...yes..electric machine..can u help me please..

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Answers (1)

Dr. Siva Malla
Dr. Siva Malla on 31 May 2012
you can generate reference voltage signal by using step. like up to 3 sec, step is 220V after the steep is 220/1.732, like that...and give this signal to sin generator..

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