Support for triangle wave generator in hdllib

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I am currently designing svpwm based motor control system and accordingly I need a triangle wave generator. Though the normal Simulink library has one I can't find one in the hdlsupported library (the one that pops up when hdllib command is entered). I tried designing my own but it is not as per my expectations. I wanted to know if something like that is available in hdlsupported or can I get support from the MathWorks for the same, since triangle wave generator is already available in Simulink library.
I am using MATLAB R2013a.

Answers (1)

Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 2 Nov 2016
A simple counter, suitably configured for your needs (i.e. the number of steps, output data type, and sample rate), will generate a step-wise triangle wave.

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