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FENG XU on 31 Oct 2016
Commented: FENG XU on 18 Nov 2016
Hi folks,
I'm working in MATLAB to generate some images. Let's say, I have an images A and B, both with dimensions of 900x900. After I have loaded both images into MATLAB with imread(), I try to display both images simultaneously using imshow([A,B],[]).
My problem is in the displayed window, I can see clearly that some details of each image (especially the edge part) are lost. This is very confusing since I'm pretty sure that the concatenated image doesn't exceed the maximum resolution of screen I have, which means MATLAB should display my images w/o downscaling. Any input? Thank you.

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Thorsten on 1 Nov 2016
Edited: Thorsten on 2 Nov 2016
900 x 1800 is pretty large.
You can check the screen size using
If your image fits on the screen you have to keep in mind that you have to maximise that figure window to full size, and that then you have to subtract some pixels for the decoration of the window and the amount of gray background between the image and the border of the window.
If you want that every image pixel should be represented by a monitor pixel, you have to use
iptsetpref('ImshowInitialMagnification', 100)
If then after imshow your image does not fit on the screen, you get a
Warning: Image is too big to fit on screen; displaying at 67%
> In images.internal.initSize (line 71)
In imshow (line 309)
Thorsten on 3 Nov 2016
thank you for providing the images. To me everything looks fine:
FENG XU on 18 Nov 2016
Sorry to accept late! I've figured it out. You are correct, the problem is solved after I switch to another computer with a higher resolution. I guess the decorations of the window really matter even there seems to be enough pixels left for them. Anyway, thank you so much for helping.

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