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I need to sum the values around the perimeter of a matrix, is there sum function in matlab

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DJ V on 8 Nov 2016
Answered: Ibrahim Abouemira on 19 May 2019
I assume there is a sum function and attempt the following code:
[x,y] =size(M)
Z = M(x:-1:1, y:-1,1);


DJ V on 8 Nov 2016
make that: [x,y] = size(A); y = sum(A(1,1:1:y))+sum(A(y,1:1:y))+sum(A(2:1:X-1,1))+sum(A(2:1:x-1,y));

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Daniel kiracofe
Daniel kiracofe on 11 Nov 2016
For your second sum, instead of sum(A(y,1:1:y)) think you wanted sum(A(x,1:1:y))

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Vivek Kumar Chouhan
Vivek Kumar Chouhan on 20 Apr 2018
this code works good for calculating perimeter of matrix of order higher than 2*2 but doesn't work for 2*2 matrix

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