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How i can i link my m file with simulink block?

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Helloo guy... i have problem communication between m file with simulink.... i have plot the real time data in figure from arduino that send into matlab by bluetooth. The data is from sensor mpu6050 in angle.... now i have simulink block that have fuzzy logic i want the angle value will be my input for my simulink block...can anybody told how?..i have read about matlab function...but still not understand

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur on 16 Nov 2016
You can integrate MATLAB code into your Simulink model using the MATLAB Function Block.
You can execute your MATLAB code from within the model to read the input data from your sensor and then pass this data into your Simulink block.
Refer to this example on how to use a MATLAB function block in your model.
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i matlab code that will run and have readAcc function to read the sensor using im try to make the readAcc fucntion into matlab function and [ax ay az gx]=readAcc(out,mode), mode is 2 and out the object to created to store the i confuse how to insert value of out

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