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Aldin on 5 Mar 2012
How highlight the current day on my uicalendar???

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 5 Mar 2012
An alternative:
You could modify:
function outHtml = colText(inText, inColor)
% return a HTML string with colored font
outHtml = ['<body bgcolor="Silver", font color="', ...
inColor, ...
'">', ...
inText, ...
Note the bgcolor, however the result is not so nice (but you can customize each cell).
Another thing you could do is play with the 'BackgroundColor' property, but it affects all cells or you can customize odd, even.
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Aldin on 5 Mar 2012
Thank you so much it's helpful but how to highlight whole cell not text

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Jan on 5 Mar 2012
I suggest FEX: uigetdate, the most fanciest program I've ever seen in the FEX - thanks Elmar!
Aldin on 5 Mar 2012
Yes, but is complicated :)

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