3-d Antenna Radiation Pattern in Spherical Coordinates

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I have the radiation pattern measurements for an antenna in a .xlsx or .csv format, it looks something like this
Phi 0 10 20 30 40...350
0 x c v d g m
10 s f e x b r
20 q r t c s a
30 w w q r s v
140 x x x x x x
The gain-values for each thetha and phi measurement are random (the letters in the example don't have any significance) and range from -30 db to 6 dB.
I want to generate a 3D radiation pattern with this data in the spherical coordinates system, this graph should have the ability to distinctly show areas where magnitude of gain is high and where it is low. How should I proceed?
Thanks, Tarun

Answers (1)

Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 17 Nov 2022
Antenna toolbox has a function called patternCustom which will help you plot the 3D radiation pattern from this data.

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