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Help me: edit box

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Ju on 6 Mar 2012
hi all. Please help me with this. I have a variable CHARS=0, and i have an edit box. i want to make: if i type a letter in that edit box, CHARS will increase 1, and so on.. [*same as SMS*] how can we do this in Matlab? Thanks.
Note: i have used the keyPress_Function, but it doesnt work.
Jan on 11 Mar 2012
Please post the code such that we have a chance to find the error.

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Aldin on 11 Mar 2012
Do you mean: you have edit box , and button when you click on button the CHAR variable must be increased??
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Mar 2012
No, he wants it to increment an integer variable every time he hits a key while the focus is in that particular edit box.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Mar 2012
If you are setting your edit box to correspond to the length of the String of the string you get() from the control, then you are going to have problems: for reasons unknown, the keypress function callbacks are not able to get() the assembled string from the String property of an uicontrol() of style 'edit'
If you want to use the keypress callbacks to do per-key-press work on a uicontrol of style 'edit' then the keypress function callback will need to store the entered characters somewhere else (e.g., in the UserData property of the control), and then upon detecting that the user pressed enter, set() the String property of the control to the remembered string. Note that it will also be necessary to recognize and react appropriately to deletions.

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