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Missing Signal Target Scope

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Roman Weiss
Roman Weiss on 6 Dec 2016
Answered: Hari Desanur on 12 Dec 2016
as described above a signal is not displayed numerically on the target pc running simulink realtime (R2015b). Others are displayed in the same scope.
If I try to read out the signal by command prompt (Matlab R2015b):
>> tg.getsignalidsfromlabel('dLambda1')
ans = 335
>> tg.getsignal(335)
Error using xpctarget.xpc/getsignal TargetPC1: Invalid Signal index
Additionally the signal index is higher than the number of signals. I would be a happy for a possible solution / short explanation what is going wrong here.
Thank you in advance.
Best regards Roman

Answers (1)

Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur on 12 Dec 2016
You must make sure that the signal which you are trying to monitor is not virtual signal or a virtual bus. You may have to add a 'Gain' block to monitor that signal -

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