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Alex on 8 Mar 2012
Hey all, I have a question about the data Matlab is presenting me with.
When I run a program I have created, Matlab outputs the solutions in a .csv file, which is convenient, but it may be causing me some trouble. When I run the program and ask matlab to present me with soln (see below) I get a [425 x 2] matrix, instead of the expected [425 x 1]. Why is this? How would you modify this code so I could see the individual values of each solution as I choose, and not just the last working portion? Since I am solving for two unknowns, I should be getting at least 850 solutions. I will omit the actual function when I present the code below, as it is quite long and it's contents are irrelevant to the discussion. The variables to be input are real numbers presented in single columns in a csv spreadsheet.
data = csvread('data.csv');
assert (mod(size(data, 1), 2) == 0, ...
'Input data must have an integer multiple of 2 rows');
assert (size(data, 2) == 7, ...
'Input data must have exactly seven columns.');
nsys = size(data, 1) / 2;
soln = zeros(nsys, 2);
options = optimset('MaxFunEvals', 1e10, 'MaxIter', 15000);
for k = 1 : nsys,
F = two_layer_nk_1d_gen(data(2*(k-1) + (1:2), 1:end));
Guess = [1,1];
soln(k, :) = fsolve(F, Guess, options);
fid = fopen('results_2layer_1d.csv','w');
fprintf(fid, '%5.5f\n', soln);
Function File:
function F = two_layer_nk_1d_gen(p)
assert(ndims(p) == 2, ...
'System parameters ''p'' must be 2D matrix.');
assert(all(size(p) == [2,7]), ...
'System parameters must be 2-by-7 matrix.');
y = p(:,1);
n0 = p(:,2);
n2 = p(:,3);
n3 = p(:,4);
k2 = p(:,5);
k3 = p(:,6);
R2 = p(:,7);
d1 = .34;
d2 = 300;
F = @(V) ...
I appreciate the help.
Andrew Newell
Andrew Newell on 8 Mar 2012
I don't see why you expect soln to have just one column. The code seems to produce an array with nsys x 2 elements.

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Mar 2012
Your Guess has two elements, so you are going to get two results per fsolve()
Your fprintf() is not correct for saving the solutions row-by-row. Use
fprintf(fid, '%5.5f,%5.5f\n', soln .' );
Note the .' transpose operation: it is needed in order to end up with row-by-row output.
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Alex on 9 Mar 2012
When I use that format (I have tried it) Matlab does not output the answers based on column, it outputs the answers sequentially such that, for solutions of A and B, [ A1, A2: A3, B1: B2, B3] which is not very helpful for data analysis.

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