How to specify instrument driver?

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I am attempting to connect my oscilloscope using the procedure found on this page: I reach a stage where I try to specify a driver and I get the following error:
>> connect(myScope)
Failed to connect to the oscilloscope, please provide a driver name and try again.
>> driver TDS2000
Error using driver (line 13)
DRIVER has been removed.
How should I specify the correct driver given that the driver function has been removed?

Accepted Answer

Sangeetha Jayaprakash
Sangeetha Jayaprakash on 15 Dec 2016
I am assuming that you are using the latest MATLAB version R2016b.
Here, it seems like the function named "driver" might be getting picked up from the Database toolbox. This function has been removed from the Database toolbox in R2016b (not probably needed to use the Quick control oscilloscope)
Also, it looks like the required IVI-C driver(s) for the instrument may not installed.
Ensure that you have setup all the pre-requisites needed to use the Quick control oscilloscope object. Details on that can be found here:
You can refer this example to work with the TDS2000 oscilloscope:

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Andrei on 1 Jun 2018
Edited: Andrei on 9 Aug 2018
Driver is a property of the quick-control oscilloscope object [ ]
>> myScope = oscilloscope;
>> myScope.Resource = 'GPIB0::10::INSTR';
>> drivers(myScope)
ans =
'Driver: tektronix
Supported Models:
TDS200, TDS1000, TDS2000, TDS1000B, TDS2000B, TPS2000
TDS3000, TDS3000B, MSO4000, DPO4000, DPO7000, DPO70000B
Driver: tkdpo4k
Supported Models:
DPO4104, DPO4054, DPO4034, DPO4032, MSO4104, MSO4054
MSO4034, MSO4032, MSO3012, MSO3014, MSO3032, MSO3034
MSO3052, MSO3054, DPO3012, DPO3014, DPO3032, DPO3034
DPO3052, DPO3054, DPO4104B, DPO4054B, DPO4034B, MSO4104B
MSO4054B, MSO4034B, MDO4054-3, MDO4104-3, MDO4054-6
MDO4104-6, DPO4102B, DPO4102B-L, DPO4104B, MSO4102B
MSO4102B-L, MSO4104B, DPO4014B, MSO4014B, MDO4014-3
MDO4034-3, MDO4014B-3, MDO4034B-3, MDO4054B-3, MDO4054B-6
MDO4104B-3, MDO4104B-6, MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024
MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054, MDO3102, MDO3104
The 'tektronix' driver is available by default. You can use it if your instrument is on the supported models list:
>> myScope.Driver = 'tektronix';
If you have another instrument model and need to use one of the installed IVI-C instrument drivers you need to set the driver name as a property value:
>> myScope.Driver = 'tkdpo4k';
>> connect(myScope)

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