Setting Viewpoint with Azimuth, Elevation, and distance

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Hello everyone. I have a problem need your help.
I would like to viewpoint from any position (phi=0:360, and theta=90:0), but the distance from centre to the viewpoint is exactly 100 cm.
I saw command view(az,el) but it is not included distance.
Do you have any solution for this problem. Thank in advance.
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Yung-Hsiang Chen
Yung-Hsiang Chen on 20 Jan 2017
With the view command, you can query and set the current perspective, and with the xlim, ylim, and zlim command, you can query and set the current zoom.
For example
[az,el] = view; %# queries the perspective view(az,el); %# sets the perspective
xl = xlim; %# queries the x-axis limits xlim(xl); %# sets the x-axis limits Alternatively, you can modify the XData, YData, ZData and possibly CData properties of your plot objects when you are updating plots in a sequence. This will be faster than recreating the figure, axes, and objects at each iteration.

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Massimo Zanetti
Massimo Zanetti on 13 Dec 2016
Hi Viet, in order to control visualization in the current axes, consider these parameters also:
and set them to your needs. You can get the full list of available parameters of the current axes by typing gca in the command line.

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