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in continuation with 317256. i get an error while creating multiple fitnet and saving the trained networks. please help. i have almost reched 95% of the work.

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Dhandapani.S on 18 Dec 2016
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THe code i(dhandapani) tried was as follows clc;clear all; close all; dn1='sign-net' ; ce=65; for sheetno=1:24 dn2=num2str(sheetno); net1=[dn1 dn2]; net=fitnet(10); net.divideParam.trainRatio=.7; net.divideParam.valRatio=.15; net.divideParam.testRatio=.15; qq=char(ce); qqq=num2str(1); ran=[qq qqq]; Input=xlsread('3org-model-paper.xls',sheetno,'A1:F6'); Target=xlsread('3org-model-paper.xls',1,'O1:O6'); [net,pr]=train(net,Input',Target'); sample=xlsread('3org-model-paper.xls',sheetno,'H1:M24'); output=net(sample'); xlswrite('3org-model-paper-output1.xls',output',1,ran); ce=ce+1; str=[net1,'=net;']; eval(str); end
I intend to create a neural network using fitnet for 24 datasets. i want to train the neural network with the samples in the excel file and store the network for later testing with dynamic samples. i want to store the entire 24 trained neuralnetwork with different names so access it. the same i posted in question no 317256. i improved that stage and now got struck here. the error i got was as follows. Error using modeldesignnetworkpaper (line 23) Error: The expression to the left of the equals sign is not a valid target for an assignment.

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